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Lift off for Open Moon Art!

Open Moon´s Design Commoonity brings art into stratosphere and back.

SPACEgarage Team Next Saturday, 11th of December 2010, 4pm, our Open Moon Design Commoonity launches their new ArtProject SPACEgarage.


launch pad location:


Görlitzer Park, Berlin, Germany

Two weather ballons will send SPACEgarage´s artworks into stratosphere. SPACEcapsule and portbunny are the first mascots travelling into low gravity by their own. They will glide back to earth and fortunately return safely to Berlin.

SPACEcapsule on snow

SPACEcapsule on snow

Portbunny on snow

Portbunny on snow

Lunik & Ranger stay grounded. This time for the testcrew…Sorry, guys!

Mission Executive and Flight Manager is Neven Dološ, Head of c-base Open Moon.

This event ignites SPACEgarage, starting artprojects with scientifical background – A producer´s platform giving stage for exchanging inspiration within scientific minds and visional speculation.

At LIFT OFF Event two analog objects will be set off unusual conditions (for their initial terms ;) and turned over to an unsure welcome. Go for the sky! Return safely! Do you find home? What do you find then?

SPACEcapsule by doris´ microworld

portbunny by Anna Gatjal

Future cooperation with international artists is appreciated.

Acting primarily virtual we are going to open a showroom in 2011.

for comments, questions & request:

Open Moon Design Commoonity

Introducing the Open Moon Design Commoonity.
Anna is talking about her commoonity´s activities and what they are working on:
Lunik & Ranger are on the way…

The President of the International Space University, Michael Simpson,
gave a the GLXP-Teams a warm welcome speech at the Summit.

It was lunchtime, but there was no pausing…I hesitated to release this clip
…but my commoonity stated, this is Youtube Art.
What do you think?

The Pomerantz Report

William Pomerantz, Senior Director, Space Prizes | X PRIZE Foundation
summarizes the GLXP Summit on the Isle of Man,
featuring an interview with Open Moon:

Back from GLXP Summit 2010

What a tremendous event! 12 Teams representing more than 60 countries gathered to talk about devices, rovers, global media outreach, business concepts and tech solutions, progress and problems.
Find the c-base Open Moon Team Presentation on cbase.openmoon.

Isle of Man government organised some excursions to space related company and invited us to a Star Party at Castle Rushen. –> PictureStory

And finally on my way back to Berlin, there was time enough to visit Liverpool and find the Beatles Museum…Here are some pictures and my LiverpoolSpecial: The Beatles Story

Space Week Webconference – Live from Isle of Man

Tomorrow start the conference days of the GLXP-Summit. Please stay tuned on Open Moon´s media channels to get news, fotos and clips directly from the Isle of Man.

On Tuesday 5th Octobre from 6:30pm til 8:00pm we are participating a webconference with Mars Society: „Private Space Entrepeneurs – The Second Space Race“. Invited are Google Lunar X Prize – Teams, Copenhagen-Suborbitals and Experts of Mars Society. We would be happy to have you there too. Please login:


If you are in Berlin, find us conferencing at HBC, Karl Liebknecht Str. 9.
After-Conference-Party takes place at Universum Lounge, Kudamm 153, 10709 Berlin, starting at 9pm…

GLXP-Summit on Isle of Man

Open Moon will be there!

From 3rd to 5th Octobre in Villa Marina, Douglas all 22 Teams, X-Prizler and local Space Industrie will meet up to discuss and show their progress on solutions and options. Find the official announcement please here: googlelunarxprize.org/

Parallel to the GLXP-Summit the United Nation´s Space Week is running. Open Moon is participating this event too, reporting live from the Isle of Man in a webconference with Mars Society: „Private Space Entrepeneurs“. Please join us on Tuesday 5th Octobre from 6:30pm til 8:00pm! The login data will be released here and via facebook and twitter as soon they are fixed.

In Berlin, Germany we take part at Universum Grill, Kurfürstendamm 156, Am Lehniner Platz 10709 Berlin. Join us there!

After Conference Party will take place at 9 pm in Universum Lounge, Kudamm 153, 10709 Berlin, near to Schaubühne, bus stop Lehniner Platz.

Celebrate Space Week with us!

Open Moon Activity

Past weeks were busy ones for Open Moon. We ran a booth on LinuxTag in Berlin and a Breakout Session on Future Forum Dresden as well and sent a competent EVA team to the ILA 2010. Our efforts have been rewarded: Commoonities are growing and the project is gaining speed.

Here is our updated official booklet

and some clips and fotos of our events:

A small reel showing the modified moon rover `c-rove´ performing some lunar action. This animation was on display on our booth at LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin and generated a lot of interest.

Open Moon Communicator Alex gives a statement of efforts and outcome of LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin.

LinuxTag 2010 Photo Album.

Open Moon Design Comoonity is just experimenting with 3D-animations. This is the first test. Please be sure to use anaglyph red(left) cyan(right) glasses to watch this clip correctly.

Open Moon EVA-Team´s visit on Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung Berlin
brought us this Photo Album.

“Last, but not least”: A summarize of Open Moon´s Breakout Session “Community into Space” by Ranga Yogeshwar, host of the Future Forum Dresden.

Future Forum Photo Album.

Extraterrestrial support!

Our team was unexpectedly added up.

Lunik (green) and Ranger (blue) are our new mascots!

They will guide us the right way up to the stars! We say `Yeah, welcome!`

Our new heroes are named after the first russian and american probe landed on moon. On 1959/09/13 Lunik was the first artificial device ever touching lunar surface. Ranger followed on 1962/04/26 with a touchdown on the dark side of the moon.

Meet Lunik & Ranger at LinuxTag, hall 7.2, Embedded Projects

Future Forum Dresden

Open Moon is busy next week!

Besides LinuxTag 2010 we are invited to the 4th Future Forum Dresden, where we perform a breakout session and talk about open innovation and how communities handle complex projects. The Future Forum investigates new spaces in life and business and wants to work out ways how changes and challenges can be faced.

A good chance to attract Ray Kurzweil and Sir Tim Berners-Lee to be part of our session between their speaks.

Breakout Session “Community into Space”
Future Forum Dresden
International Congress Center Dresden
Thursday, June 10
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Open Moon at Linuxtag 2010

Open Moon is at Linuxtag 2010 in Berlin Fairgrounds, Germany.


Find us in hall 7.2, Embedded Projects booth 112