Open Moon has withdrawn the Google Lunar X-Prize!

Dear Commoonity and Space Enthusiasts!

While having the last STS Mission orbiting us, the fifth annual GLXP-TeamSummit is just on its way.
We aren´t there, because c-base Open Moon has sadly to announce its withdrawal today after 923 days being in the operational competition.

After long and difficult discussions we had to come to the conclusion that we aren´t able to keep up with the requirements of the last Master Team Agreement.

At the end of 2010 it became more and more clear for us, that we wouldn’t be able to stay in the GLXP the way we were organized at that time. This was even more obvious, when we realized how the MTA was structured and what kind of organization would be necessary to keep up with it.

The efforts to change into a company, for improving our capabilities to focus on several parts of the technological and administrational efforts defined not only be the MTA turned out to be much to complicated to be taken within a few months.

We are not a company. We are just a bunch of Open Source evangelists, and morphing into entrepreneurs over night was hardly to achieve. That’s more less the whole truth.

Nevertheless, taking part in the competition was not only an inspiration, but an honor as well for all of us. We still believe in the importance of this competition, and we are sure that further important results will be achieved, although this time without us.

On the other side:

Open Moon is not dead!

We all have learned a lot and will use this for our further explorations.

Here are some pretty results yet:

Some of us will go on in bringing forward the idea of private space exploration within the Open Source community.
Neven, our Head, is about to found a new company by using the experience he made within the competition.

In our education project European Science Agency Jirko Weber will actively go on getting robot programming across kids.

Open Moon just left a footprint in the Berlin art-scene with its artefact high altitude ballooning Voyager3 spin-off.
The last start took place just three weeks ago:

Right now we are looking for downsized space projects or competitions we might be able to enter and we are bringing up up some ideas for a competition we could run by our own. Please have a look onto our media channels as known. We continue communicating….

The future is ours, but not ours to see.

Thank you very much for having given us the opportunity to be part of this first private race to the moon.
We appreciate the great time we had with you greatly and wish all the remaining teams the best.

You all are doing a great job and we can´t await watching you reaching the moon.

Neven Dološ, Head of c-base Open Moon
Alexander Last, Communication

Voyager3 – Lift Off 2.0

Andrew Android and portbunny2 on their way!

Open Moon´s Art Spinoff Voyager3,
formerly known as SPACEgarage,
has launched their 2. ExperienceReturnMission.

180 days after first launch, this time Andrew Android by Doris Hansen and portbunny2 by Anna Gatjal are the pilots of the weatherballoons´ space capsules.

Launchpad was located in Berlin, Körnerpark, a beautiful neobaroque park, embedded in the art festival `48h of Neukölln´: one borrough is for two days one art event.

Equipped with GPS and camera the stratonauts are carrying trilingual greetings with them in Polish, British and German.

Stratonauts portbunny and Gary, first crew 180 days ago, had a happy touchdown and returned a lot of messages.

We hope Andrew Android and portbunny are doing as well.

Hier ein paar Eindrücke:

Open Moon at LinuxDay 2011 in Berlin

Dear Moonies,

mars took some nice pictures of our presentation at LinuxDay 2011 in Berlin.

Thomas is talking about OS in space

And this is our video pipeline:

DortCon 2011

For the first time Open Moon has presented their moonrover `c-rove´ to the science fiction convention DortCon 2011. At the convention we actually were the interface between science and fiction…

Here is the clip from Dortmund including a feature interviewing the Canadian science-fiction author Robert Charles Wilson (Spin, Chronos, A Hidden Place,…) who gave a statement to private space initiative.

Open Moon at Chemnitzer Linux-Days

A kind-of-live-report by BrEin

Unser Stand hatte wieder Begeisterung und Neugierde geweckt…

Es gab viele interessante Gespräche mit vielen guten Vorschlägen und Ideen. Allem voran kam der Hinweis, bezüglich der Robotik und den Motoren für den Rover auf

Wir haben auch gleich dort angefangen ein Wiki über den c-rove

Ziel ist es natürlich alle bisher gewonnen Erkenntnisse und getroffenen Entscheidungen in diesem Wiki zu vereinigen und die legendäre Kompetenz von roboternetz zu nutzen. Der Anfang ist gemacht! Jeder, der sich auf diese Seite anmeldet, kann diesen Artikel editieren, ergänzen und verbessern.

Insbesondere fehlen uns noch Informationen zur Entstehungsgeschichte rund um das Thema Lizenzen.
Ein Hinweis auf OHANDA ist bereits gemacht.

Es gab auch eine näckige Ideen, Bot-Bausätze zu fertigen!
Heißt, wenn wir Prototypen haben, die funktionieren, diese als
Bausätze zu verkaufen. Sie hätten neben den finanziellen Nutzen auch noch die Funktion den Bekanntheitsgrad zu steigern und viele Ideen zu sammeln. Desweiteren würde es natürlich dem Opensourcegedanken gerecht werden. Nicht zu letzt hätten wir jede Menge Betatester! :-P

Es gibt auch einige Einträge auf der Liste für die Mailingliste.
Wollen wir hoffen, dass die Informationen und der Geist weiter getragen werden.

Anna is prepared Die Beamer-Wand, das Modell von der Mondlandschaft und
unser c-rove kamen gut an und haben viele Emotionen geweckt:
Begeisterung, Interesse, Neugier und natürlich gesunde Skepsis!
Nur eines blieb aus, die Scheu! Bei so manchen rabiaten Besuchern ist
Anna so manches Mal das Herz stehen geblieben.

Unsere lokalen Mitbewerber, die Part-Time-Scientists waren auch vor Ort und hielten einen Vortrag über ihren Fortschritt. Wäre vielleicht auch etwas für die nächsten Linux-Tage, es gab einige Anfragen und Viele hielten deren Vortrag für unseren und hatten sich schon darauf gefreut. Schade, dass man hier enttäuschen musste! Mit den Scientist hatten wir auch netten Kontakt und sie besuchten unseren Stand!

Mars bekam und nutzte auch gleich die Gelegenheit ein Interview für einen sächsischen regionalen Fernsehsender zu geben.

Nächsten Donnerstag, 24.03.2011, ab 20:00 gibt es noch gerne mehr Informationen:

c-base, 2. HH
10179 berlin

Ask for Open Moon!

Einen schönen Gruß und in die Hände gespucct!!

Open Moon at 27c3!

We came in peace

This was a premiere for us!

With our own booth at the 27th Chaos Communication Congress we could wow a lot of nerds and visioneers.

We showed our rover and the recent modifications.

We got inspired the same way our visitors got by talking about private space.

In fairy dust we trust!

Lift Off !! Coverage

This is Open Moon´s SPACEgarage clip:

Thanks to all Operators!


Lift Off !!

SPACEgarage successfully launched for first time artwork into stratosphere!
Gary in a green capsule, portbunny in a red one, started at 5.30pm into Berlin´s cloudy nightsky.
They are on an ExperienceReturnMission, gliding back to unknown terrains.

Some nice pics at Jörg Reinhardt´s gallery:

I´m still working on a complete coverage clip, but reinhardt1975 has it for now:

Waiting for “GO”

Short to Start


But then beyond belief!

After 6,5h MissionTime portbunny sends back to MissionControl:

TouchDown at 52° 36′ 0″ N, 15° 54′ 0″ E 52.6°, 15.9°

My Polish RescueTeam invited me to celebrate Christmas there,
so expect my return next year.

Connecting to MissionControl

but now for par-tay ;)


Open Moon Design Commoonity

Introducing the Open Moon Design Commoonity.
Anna is talking about her commoonity´s activities and what they are working on:
Lunik & Ranger are on the way…

The President of the International Space University, Michael Simpson,
gave a the GLXP-Teams a warm welcome speech at the Summit.

It was lunchtime, but there was no pausing…I hesitated to release this clip
…but my commoonity stated, this is Youtube Art.
What do you think?

The Pomerantz Report

William Pomerantz, Senior Director, Space Prizes | X PRIZE Foundation
summarizes the GLXP Summit on the Isle of Man,
featuring an interview with Open Moon: