Lift Off !!

SPACEgarage successfully launched for first time artwork into stratosphere!
Gary in a green capsule, portbunny in a red one, started at 5.30pm into Berlin´s cloudy nightsky.
They are on an ExperienceReturnMission, gliding back to unknown terrains.

Some nice pics at Jörg Reinhardt´s gallery:

I´m still working on a complete coverage clip, but reinhardt1975 has it for now:

Waiting for “GO”

Short to Start


But then beyond belief!

After 6,5h MissionTime portbunny sends back to MissionControl:

TouchDown at 52° 36′ 0″ N, 15° 54′ 0″ E 52.6°, 15.9°

My Polish RescueTeam invited me to celebrate Christmas there,
so expect my return next year.

Connecting to MissionControl

but now for par-tay ;)


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